When I started my career as a fitness coach, the first years were about that hustle. I remember teaching an overwhelming amount of classes weekly for a disappointing hourly fee, thinking this was the only way; to collaborate with studios, build community and pay my bills. I was madly overworked, building a brand for the studios I worked for, rather than for myself. I've signed (so many!) agreements with unfair and unrealistic non-competes—that eventually I regretted, every single time.

It wasn't until I moved to London that I realized I needed to invest in my own brand. Fast forward, 7 years later, I'm carefully selecting the people, brands, projects and studios I work with. I've created my ideal schedule, opened my own space in Amsterdam and travel around the world with my brand Elevate by Rowen. It took me many years of silly mistakes, self-doubt, bad negotiations—you name it—until I understood: I can do better than this.

Today, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to help those who need the guidance I was looking for when I felt lost and overwhelmed. If you find yourself being stuck, overworked at studios, not growing (in coaching skills, community or income) and it's time to take back ownership of your career.


It is time to master your coaching skills, grow your personal brand and become a leader in the fitness industry. Join the Leaders Collective and work with like-minded professionals, while Rowen takes you under her wing to guide you through your journey as a coach.

Leaders Collective offers a small group program and long-term collective, created exclusively for full-time trainers who are eager to expand their leadership- & coaching skills, while building your own brand. For our very first edition we're bringing together a driven and influential group of leaders who are ready to innovate, collaborate and grow beyond measure. A small community we like to consider the pioneers of mindful leaders in today's fitness industry.

Official Program Kick-off | June 6th

Program Requirements: Availability for June, September, October, November 2023 (2-3 sessions monthly, Tuesdays + Thursdays off-peak)


5 x Master Training session by Rowen Aida, Nike Global Trainer, founder Elevate by Rowen, studio owner Loft 231

4 x Workshops by Rowen Aida: Build Your Business, Community Building, Define Your Brand, Zone of Genius

Coaching session by Life- & Business Mentor (special guest TBA)

Holistic Group Coaching (special guest TBA)

Monthly Q&A & work sessions led by LEADERS COLLECTIVE


12 sessions, from active in-studio trainings to workshops and coaching:

By Rowen Aida

√ 5 x Master Training Sessions (active in-studio trainings)

√ 4 Work Sessions with Rowen to help expand your brand

√ Workshop *From Class to Experience* + Playlisting Workshop

√ Personal Brand Guidance & Expertise by Rowen

By Guest Experts

√ Holistic Group Coaching to help define your purpose as a Leader

√ High End Business Coaching to help build- & expand your brand


√ Host your own event at Loft 231 in Amsterdam

√ Workshops & Panel Talks by the Leaders Collective Community

√ Team Get Togethers

Investment: € 1500

Join the Leaders Collective (4-month) training program & long-term community for a one-time investment of € 1500.

Pay in 4 terms (of € 375): June, August, September, October

Requirements: Availability for June, September, October, November 2023 (2-3 sessions monthly, Tuesdays + Thursdays off-peak)

Apply until June 4th 6pm



A leadership program for trainers & coaches—create, innovate, collaborate.